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How To Resign From NPower www.npower.com

I think the last question that has just come to my notice is from www.npower.com ; “How do I resign?” that’s very easy so far, in this program from the report I have in front of me, we’ve received 108 resignations thus far, and this is one program where I celebrate resignations. I celebrate resignations because again like I said it’s a lifeline that has been extended unto you to launch you and push you to the next level, so I celebrate resignation for that reason and it’s my prayer that a lot of you will have causes to resign even before the end of the 24th month, not for you to be chucked out for disciplinary action like we have for about 21 of you, right now I haven’t added some more that I met in the last state that I just visited I won’t mention the name, by the time I add those ones, perhaps it will be going to about 40 of you. So to resign is very simple, just write a resignation letter and provide it through, the head of your center, the head of your primary assignment, if its school your head teacher or principal if its health center your matron or administrator and if it’s an Agric.

If you do have access to your focal person you could also send it directly to your state focal person, so it’s very simple so just write it, if you don’t have access to an email or to a scanner, write it, send it to them, they will pass it on to me, but ensure that it gets to your state focal person so that it can get to me, where you do have access to emails and you even have my email or you have the support email or your focal person email you can just send, scan it, send to all of us, copy us, and once we receive, we will acknowledge, congratulate you and we will disengage you from the program www.npower.com.

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