www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable

www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable (Official)

www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable

Below is the NOUN www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable for 2017.

Categorised by Date, Time, Course Code and Course Name.

Day Date(Day Month) 8am 11am 2pm
1 31 Mon 7 CIT101 Computers In Society AFS220 Introduction To Fisheries And Wildlife ENT225 Small Business Finance
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable NSS217 Introduction To Sociology
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable PED150  :PRIMARY SCIENCE CURRICULUM AND METHODS
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable
2 01 Tue 8 PHY102 Electricity, Magnetism And Modern Physics EDU111 Foundations Of Education PHY191 Introductory Practical Physics 1
AEM202 Principles Of Rural Sociology ANP204 Introduction To Agricultural Biochemistry EDU280 Agricultural Science Methods
PED221 Developmental Psychology PHY206 Optics I PHS203 Introduction To Public Health
SLM201 Principles Of Soil Science POL214 Introduction To Political Analysis AGR205 Introduction To Agro-climatology
POL121 Nigerian Government And Politics SMS208 Application Computer INR162 International Migration I
SMS210 Entrepreneurship Studies I ECO253 Statistics For Economist I SMS106 Elements Of Managementii
EDU240 Mathematics Methods CHM291 Practical Chemistry Iii- Inorganic ENG281 The African Novel
ENG226 English Morphology NSC208 Nursing Ethics And Jurisprudence FRE152 Introduction To French Culture & Civilisation
BED112 Word Processing DAM212 Database Laboratory CIT104 Introduction To Computer Science
ECE123 Health Care In The Early Years ESM211 Global Environmental Issues MTH104 Elementary Mathematics Ii
ARA182 Arabic Reading ECE120 Development Of Appropriate Skills In Children
CSS242 Measurements And Patterns Of Crimes And Deliq PCR261 Culture Values And Conflicts In War ESM231 Introductory Toxicology
TSM144 Tourism Marketing ISL214 Textual Study Of Qur_an Ii POL221 Nigerian Government And Politics 1
MAC115 African Communication Systems I MAC212 Media And Society ISL142 Islam And Inter-religious Dialogue
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable
3 02 Wed 8 GST101 Use Of English And Communication Skills I ARD202 Introduction To Rural Sociology
CTH272 :Ecumenism
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable EDU292 PRIMARY EDUCATION METHODS
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable
4 03 Thu 8 PHY207 Thermodynamics MTH102 Elementary Mathematics II EDU214 Philosophyof Education
AEM201 Principles Of Agricultural Extension INR222 Europe From French Revolution To The World Wa INR221 History And Practice Of Diplomacy
FRE221 French Grammar And Composition I ENG111 An Introduction To Literature And Literary Cr
CIT237 Programming & Algorithms BED114 Business Methods COP212 Cooperatives Extension
SMS204 Financial Accounting Ii ENT224 Business Ethics ESM204 Environmental Hazards And Disaster Management
ECO256 Mathematics For Economist Ii EDU252 Chemistry Methods POL124 Organization Of Government
BIO207 Lower In Vertebrates EDU250 Subject Methos I (biology) ISL102 Mosque In Islam
PED112 Reading In Early Childhood And Primary Educat PED233 Religious And Moral Education ENG161 Theatre Workshop
ESM234 Soil Resources CSS211 The Sociology Of Crime And Delinquency TSM141 Understanding Tourism
POL228 Introduction To Comparative Politics MAC113 History Of Nigerian Mass Media MAC246 Educational Broadcasting
ISL212 Introduction To Tajwid COP220 Industrial Attachment I BIO220 Fisheries And Wildlife
LIN112 Introduction To Linguistics Ii CTH231 Christian Ethics CTH102 Major Religious Groups In Nigeria
PAD202 Introduction To Public Administration
CTH211 Introduction To The Bible  www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable
5 04 Fri 8 CHM103 Introductory Physical Chemistry CHM191 Introductory Practical Chemistry PHY192 Introductory Physics Laboratory Ii
NSC206 Environmental Health PHS201 Anatomy
ECO122 Principles Of Economics Ii INR142 Introduction To Public Administration EDU282 Business Education Teaching Methods
20 22 Tue 8 MAC121 Introduction To News Writing & Reporting TSM146 The Cultural Heritage PED235 Clothing And Textiles
BIO211 Coelomate Invertebrates HCM235 Food Beverage & Costs CSS243 Principles Of Security Practice And Managemen
CTH215 Greek Grammar MAC211 Theories Of Mass Communication HCM237 Hospitality Sales And Marketing
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable CTH212 Pentateuch CTH142 Church History Ii
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable
SED223 Physics For Integrated Science PHY202 Modern Physics I CHM102 Introductory Organic Chemistry
BED214 Computer Application In Business MTH213 Numerical Analysis I ECO232 Micro-economic Theory Ii
FRE211 Advanced Study In Oral & Written Comprehensio HCM144 Tourism Marketing FRE271 Introduction To Francophone African Literatur
COP216 Nigeria & International Cooperatives ECO231 Micro Economic Theory I ENG151 Introduction To English As A Second Language
ECE112 Origin And Development Of E.c.e FRE121 French Grammar I HCM234 Facility Maintenance Management
PED120 Principles Of Family Living COP116 General Agriculture Ii MAC223 Magazine & Feature Article Writing
TSM241 Understanding Tourists And Hosts TSM142 Tourism As An Industry CTH151 Religion And Society
MAC242 Foundations Of Broadcasting HCM232 Menu Development & Planning
CTH192 Intro. To African Traditional Religion MAC221 Editing & Graphics Of Communication
CTH111 Old Testament (o.t) Survey
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable
22 24 Thu 8 GST201 Nigerian Peoples And Culture EDU222 French Methods
ECO154 Introduction To Quantitative Methods Ii
ISL101 General Introduction To Islam
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable
23 25 Fri 8 ECE121 Child Development STT102 Introductory Statistics MTH211 Introduction To Set Theory And Abstract Alge
PHY201 Classical Dynamics FRE231 Introduction To French Phonology ECE221 Language And Literacy In The Early Years
CIT212 Systems Analysis And Design ECE225 Meeting Special Needs In E.c.e BIO205 Introductory Developmental Cell Biology
BIO209 Chordates CTH152 Marriage And Family HCM243 Tourist Sites:Products and Operation I
CTH261 Christian Counseling HCM244 Tourist Sites:Products and Operation II
HCM147 Policy and Planning ARD251 Introduction to Agricultural Economics
PED144 Primary Maths Curriculum And Methods CSS131 Introduction To Political Science
 www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable CTH173 :Introduction to the Study of Religion PED121 :CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY
HCM241 Understanding Tourist and Host HCM142 Tourism as an Industry
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This is the official www.nou.edu.ng E-Exam Timetable 2017

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