WAECOnline: Verify and Check WAEC Results


This guide shows how to check and verify results on the WAECOnline portal:

  • Select from the account option either to get access as an Institution or an Individual
  • Click the ‘Start’ button to continue


This comprises of two options namely: Existing subscription and new subscription.

  • For existing subscription; type in your username and password and click ‘Sign In’
  • For new subscription, click the ‘Make Payment’ link


  • For new subscription, click the ‘Make Payment’ link to pay for subscription
  • Read the Terms & Condition
  • Check the ‘I agree to all information’ to continue
  • Click the ‘Continue’ button that comes up.
  • A page comes up for you to fill in the subscription information

Make sure the form is completed accurately

  • Click the ‘Submit’ button
  • A page comes up to give you the summary of the information you just provided so as to confirm the information
  • Make sure the Transaction ID is noted and written somewhere by you
  • After confirming the information, click the ‘Submit’ button
  • The Secured Interswitch Payment Page comes up

Select card type (Interswitch, Verve or MasterCard)

  • Input the correct details for your card type
  • Click the ‘Pay’ button to proceed payment or click the ‘Cancel’ button to cancel payment
  • Follow the next page to complete your payment


Change WAECOnline Password

  • Click on the ‘Change Password’ menu
  • Type in the current password
  • Type in the new password
  • Type in the confirmation of the new password
  • Click the ‘Change’ button to save the new password

Verify Results on WAECOnline

  • Click the ‘Verify Results’ menu
  • Select the type of examination (May/June or Nov/Dec)
  • Select the exam year
  • Click the ‘Check’ button to display the candidate result details
  • To verify different exam results for candidates, check the ‘Different Exam Type’ and complete individual information for each candidate
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Check Subscription Status on WAECOnline

  • Click the ‘Check Subscription Status’ menu
  • The remaining available subscription details for the user(s) will be shown

Extend WAECOnline Subscription

  • Click the ‘Extend Subscription’ menu
  • The current rate of subscription will be specified
  • Type in the number of units to purchase
  • Click the ‘Extend’ button to finalize your transaction with the e-Payment gateway

View and Print WAECOnline Payment Slip

  • Click the ‘Payment Slip’ menu
  • The purchase details are shown
  • Click the ‘Slip’ link by the record to download payment slip for each payment

Manage Users on your WAECOnline Account

  • Click the ‘Manage User(s)’ menu to create other user for your institution
  • Type in the username of the user to be created
  • Type in the units of subscription to be allocated to the user
  • Type in the password for the user
  • Type in the password confirmation
  • Indicate If the user is active
  • Click the ‘Create’ button to create the new user for your institution

View WAECOnline Activities

  • Click the ‘View Activities’ menu
  • Select parameter to search by the audits namely: Date, User, Action and Duration
  • Using ‘Date’ parameter, select the date to view activities for
  • Click the ‘Go’ button to display the matched records

Using the ‘User’ parameter, select the user from the drop-down list on the WAECOnline  Portal

  • Select the date to view activities for that user
  • Click the ‘Go’ button

Using ‘Action’ parameter, type in the keyword to search if necessary

  • Click the ‘Go’ button

Using ‘Duration’ parameter, select the start date and the end date to view
activities for that duration of days

  • Click the ‘Go’ button

Sign Out

  • Click the ‘Sign Out’ menu to sign out of your account


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