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WAEC Grading System 2017/2018 (UPDATED)

The WAEC Grading System (UPDATED)

The West African Examination Council released the NEW WAEC grading system recently. Please view below:

Score Grade (by WAEC Grading System) Remarks
75- 100% A1 EXCELLENT
70% – 74% B2 Very Good
65% -69% B3 Good
64%- 60% C4 Credit
55% – 59% C5 Credit
50% – 54% C6 Credit
45% – 49% D7 Pass
40% – 44% E8 Pass
0% – 39% F9 Fail

Simply put:

A1 (100 – 75%)

B2(74-70%) B3 (69-65%)

C4 (64-60%) C5 (59-55%) C6 (54-50%)

D7 (49-45%)



It is extremely important to know the percentages you need to score to achieve high grades in the upcoming WAEC exam.


The Previous Method of grading (as at 1992) was:

Score Grades Remarks
80% – 100% A1 Congratulations
70% – 75% B2 Very good
65% – 69% B3 Good
60%- 64% C4 Credit
55% – 59% C5 Credit
50% – 54% C6 Credit
45% – 49% D7 Pass
40% – 44% E8 Pass
0% – 39% F9 Fail

How does WAEC ensure standardisation in grading?

First, a committee of experts draws up a WAEC grading/marking guide. All appointed examiners are then thoroughly drilled in all aspects of the marking scheme in a simulated marking exercise called co-ordination. Actual WAEC grading/marking does not start until the coordinating officers are satisfied that all examiners know what is required of them. Even when actual marking begins, the examiners are not left entirely on their own. They are organised into small groups, each being supervised by a highly experienced examiner called a Team Leader. The Team Leader checks and vets the group members’ marking progressively to ensure that they are keeping to the WAEC grading guidelines. The Team Leaders themselves are supervised by more experienced examiners called Chief Examiners. When marking is finally completed, WAEC still goes ahead to employ another group of people called Checkers. The main role of Checkers is to ensure that all marks awarded by examiners are correctly recorded and transferred to the appropriate WAEC grading score sheets.

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