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Npower Teach Test
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Npower Teach Test

Information about the Npower Teach Test: PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS CAREFULLY

Assessment Tests for N-Teach started Earlier in August. To take the Npower Teach test: log on to 

When you log in, some of you may be able to write your test immediately, while some others will be scheduled to write your test at a future date and time.

Some others may be told that their BVN Validation is in process so we advise that you check back on Friday.
For some others, you won’t be able to log in or you will see the term “INVALID” because your BVN records don’t match your application and your application journey has come to an end.
Finally, for those who ticked certain competency skills when you applied for NTeach test, you will required to take a second test, a STEM test.

To do the test: log on to

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1. ONLY applicants whose BVN records match their applications will proceed to the Npower Teach Assessment Test Stage. The arrangement of the names doesn’t disqualify you.


See above video for how to log into the Npower Teach Assessment Test Portal and take your assessment test.

About the Npower Teach

To improve the inadequacies in basic education the federal government is training and engaging young Nigerian graduates between 18 and 35 years in the Npower Teach volunteer corps program as teaching assistants and power teach volunteers will be engaged in a two-year skills development program while providing teaching support in our public schools they will receive a monthly stipend and a computing device to ensure their continuous learning to advance on to economic jobs through Npower teach our young graduates who are currently are empowered for success while paving the way for a responsive and efficient public school system don’t sit down hopeless and helpless get up and get empowered apply at ng and learn about where you fit. Npower Teach  is an initiative of national social investment program of the federal government of Nigeria.

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