NPower Shortlisted Names (UPDATE)

npower shortlisted names
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NPower Shortlisted Names Update

This is a public announcement regarding Npower Shortlisted Names and Candidates. The Npower Teach Tests has been released.

Has the Npower Teach list of candidates has been released? Find out news below on the list of Npower Shortlisted names and click the link below to join the whatsapp group.

If you are selected on the Npower shortlisted names you will most likely receive a text message like this:

npower shortlisted candidates

Check below for the:

  • Npower Teach Shortlisted Names
  • Npower Agro Shortlisted Candidates Names
  • Npower Health Shortlisted Candidates
  • Note: Npower Tax has already been shortlisted

npower shortlisted names

Want to receive updates immediately?  Join the Npower Teach Whatsapp Group Here.

Npower Shortlisted Names Procedure (UPDATED)

Follow the steps below to check if you are among

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your BVN Number
  3. If you are shortlisted, then visit

The fortunate shortlisted candidates will undergo Npower’s physical verification exercise for final deployment.

This entails verification of your documents or credentials at the Local Government Area of assignment).


We promised you that you would be the first to know and we have kept that promise.

From 11.30pm Monday, November 20th, 2017 applicants can check if they have been pre-selected for Physical Verification.

NPower NG remains committed to a fair and transparent process.

Npower selected names


2017 Npower Applicants can log on to the portal to check if they have been selected form 11:30pm on Monday November 20th 2017.

Good morning, The Pre-selected List for 2017  Npower Test on applicants has NOT been released.

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STOP clicking on websites or dropping your names randomly because some people are collecting your information.

When the LIST is released, we will post it on here the Npower Facebook Page FIRST. Npower will recruit 200,000 beneficiaries this year.

How to Check Shortlisted names on Npower Website

You can check your name on the participants list on the Npower website please follow the steps below:

  • Login into your profile at the link below:

  • Input your Phone number you registered with on Npower
  • Click ‘Check’ and you will be able to view all the names.

Notice from NPower Shortlisted Names (BVN):

When you log in, some of you may be able to write your test immediately, while some others will be scheduled to write your test at a future date and time.

Some others may be told that their BVN Validation is in process so we advise that you check back on Friday.

For some others, you won’t be able to log in or you will see the term “INVALID” because your BVN records don’t match your application and your application journey has come to an end.

Finally, for those who ticked certain competency skills when you applied for N-Teach, you will required to take a second test, a STEM test.

npower shortlisted names 2017

Npower Shortlisted Names Notice 2 from the Facebook page:

The NPower NG Situation Room is the backroom operations of all that you hear about NPower in Nigeria and around the world.

We would like to invite existing beneficiaries who are interested to visit and experience the behind-the-scenes operations at the NPower Situation Room.

Now, please note that this Situation Room is in Abuja and while it is open to everyone, we will not bear the cost for anyone’s visit.

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We will invite people in batches of 20 between 11.00am – 5pm.

We will pick from interested beneficiaries on all our Social Media Channels and publish the list.

REMEMBER, to qualify

1. You must be an existing beneficiary

2. N-PowerNG will NOT bear the cost of this visit for any person or group.

3. Beneficiaries will be picked across our Social Media Channels.

4. Beneficiaries will be selected in groups of 20.

5. First Npower Shortlisted Names group of 20 will ExperienceNPowerNG on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017.

It Takes a Village

Many of you would have heard the term “It Takes a Village” but may have wondered what it meant.

Literally, it is a proverb which means it takes a community to raise a child.

In the N-Power context, we think it means Community Action.

#ItTakesAVillage is an opportunity for N-Power Volunteers in the same community to do something for their community weekly or as often as they’d like.

And when you do, post pictures and videos with the hashtag #ItTakesAVillage.

Please note that this is NOT compulsory but Npower Shortlisted Names who show the most impact in this community action will win some reward from us.

Get together in groups, do something kind for your neighbours, show them you have been #NPowered and you can make a difference because #ItTakesAVillage

npower shortlisted names 2017

Always remember Npower is a learn,work and entrepreneurship program.Your working experience is very critical,focus on your attendance,as you know,some beneficiaries payment were put on hold because of it.
Pls explore our device content.
Note that the device is not yours for now,it is still the Federal Govt property.You re in the 11month,so you have to wait till the 20th month to get full ownership.
Do not sell the device,we have a monitoring chip and the device value is about 90 thousand naira,you will be prosecuted if you sell it.
Those in Bayelsa,Taraba,Gombe,Yobe,Borno,Kebbi and Nassarawa state, your device is on the way and you will get it latest this weekend.
If you dont receive the sms for device delivery,kindly reach out to our Npower support lines or social media accounts.

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There is no redeployment for specific reasons.Redeployment might be for medical reasons.Marriage reasons wont be entertained.

There are 182,347K qualified volunteers for the batch A
172,409K volunteers are receiving payments.
4,418k volunteers are not verified
5520k volunteers have no account records- if by October 15 you dont regularize the issue else you will be removed from the program.
2,256k bvn and account details are not linked
268 volunteers- banks puta hold on your account.Go update your account.
3 voluntees are having account dormancy
55 volunteers accounts have recently closed
357 volunteers cant receive upto 30k in their account.Go update your account the receive large amount.
A lot of you receiving payments and now payment has stopped should know that your bank returned the money because your account cant receive large sums,kindly go to your bank and rectify the issue.

There is no list for now.We use random algorithm that helps us select.Within the month of October,you will be notified.
Npower knowledge- Before the final month of the year,you will be deployed.
For Npower build – we will deploy 20,000 of you for now, 3,200 will be automobile technicians!

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