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The below is from the transcribed Live Chat with Npower Nigeria ‘s Afolabi Imoukhuede  about Unpaid Participants & Payment History

Olorunipa Folorunsho Peters asked “What about the payment history “So, we would update the payment history again, you would recall that first and foremost and that’s a very good question peter , how is kogi anyway? That’s a good question ,when we did put it out , we were told that it would help all of you , give you light through uncertainties.

Well , what I observed Is that some of you couldn’t interpret the Npower Nigeria payment history .What the payment history did was to highlight the information about payments and details, but a lot of beneficiaries could not interpret .But we saw that it really wasn’t achieving the purpose but I hope that now that it has been brought up and I’ve explained what it is , we have a greater understanding , yes we stopped at the end of April and we really had to scale up this effort of reaching everybody , that was why we started making phone calls , the phones are not the safest way to collect sensitive information and we remember again we had to advertise on which our call center team will be calling from and we also even still said to you that anyone that , there had been a few you know fraudulent people that had used different numbers wanting to call you to you know get your details you know with the plans to defraud but we had to do that, but now that we are stabilizing, we go back again to updating the payment history for every volunteer, so once by Monday we are done with the issue of those that are disqualified and absent, we would notify them through the portal, we would then focus on payment history, so the next two weeks I’m sure all of you would have your payment history updated .

Orioha Oluchi wants to know if those who are serving can apply. Tricky question , if you’re serving and you know that , again application closes in less than 25hrs ,27hrs , but, I guess the answer is if you’re serving and you know you would have completed your youth service by the time you’re undergoing physical verification, yes ,you can apply ,a lot of your colleagues applied being corpers last year and they were fortunate enough that they passed out in November and verification was in December , but of course some of your colleagues were not as fortunate , who applied , were selected , were pre-selected , they were disqualified because their passing out was in April and as at December during physical verification , they did not have NYSC discharge , so those ones I hope would have now reapplied for 2017 , so the short answer is yes, but you would only be able to make it if by the day we call for physical verification you have completed your service and you do have your discharge certificate.

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