Npower Device Collection News 2017/2018 (UPDATED)

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Npower Device Delivery Update.

Npower Device Distribution is currently going on in the 8 states listed in the below:

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Sokoto
  • Delta
  • Ebonyi
  • Enugu
  • Kaduna
  • Kano

For the states listed, only beneficiaries who selected devices before March 27th, 2017 will be contacted.

Similarly, those who selected Brian and Speedstar devices in those states will not be contacted as the Npower devices were recently delivered and are currently being pre-loaded with information.

For Rivers States, you will recall that we placed the Npower device distribution in that state on hold, we will be sharing updates on the decentralized device collection process shortly.

Plans are underway to get devices to beneficiaries in other states so please be patient.

NOTICE: Do NOT Dispose or Sell Your Npower Device

It has come to our attention that some of our NPower Volunteers are attempting to dispose their device, we urge you in your best interest not to do so.

Recall that NPower is a Learn/Work/Entrepreneurship Programme of the Federal Government’s National Social Investment Programme for unemployed Young Graduates between the ages of 18 – 35.

Please note that the NPower Devices currently being distributed to our N-Power volunteers were secured through an Asset Finance arrangement for 20months with the Bank of Industry (BOI) by the Federal Government National Social Investment Programme. As such the Npower device is to aid the continual learning and development of our volunteers which seeks to enhance their employability – ready for the Labour market when they exit the Programme after 24months.

The Npower device is also a Work Tool as it would aid the discharge of their community functions in your primary places of assignment be it at the Public Schools, Primary Health Centres or the Agriculture Development Farm Settlements.

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In addition, the Npower device contains global knowledge content contributed by some of our Global partners such as Cisco, Google, Microsoft etc on ICT, Leadership & Entrepreneurship for their continuous development.

To this end, volunteers are warned that if you dispose your devices, don’t utilize the learning content on these devices, or you are found absent at your Places of assignment, we have devised varies means to gather such information and data.

Once caught, you would not ONLY Be dismissed from the Programme (without any appeal), you would be blacklisted from other FG Social Investment Programmes and a Lien would also be placed on your Bank accounts for the full refund of the asset cost to the Bank of Industry.

Please take this very seriously.

Npower Device Update for Existing Npower Beneficiaries

Please read this carefully.

1. You will recall that we shared an Npower Device Delivery Update on the 5th of August and explained the process of receiving, pre-loading and delivering the Npower device.

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2. You will also recall that we stated that the Federal Government of Nigeria entered into an Asset Finance Agreement with the Bank of Industry to provide Npower devices. Certain vendors were preapproved by the Bank of Industry to provide the Npower device.

3. As at today, some vendors have delivered their Npower device but Brian and Speedstar are yet to be delivered.

4. Now for the Npower devices that have been delivered, a team is currently pre-loading each device with over one million resources which includes videos, textbooks and so much more.

5. To move the process along, we have begun to deliver Npower device to beneficiaries (who selected devices before March, 2017) in Lagos and Abuja.

6. There has however, been a hold on delivering Npower device to N-Agro volunteers in Lagos and Abuja.

*Lagos, because they have not completed their training with the Ministry of Agric.

*Abuja, because a huge number of N-Agro beneficiaries did NOT turn up for the training. The ones who turned up will be contacted soon.

7. Those who received their Npower device in Lagos and Abuja would have noticed that they had to go to the MTN Service Centers to collect them.

8. But the pace was not very fast, so it was ramped up for Rivers State.

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9. For those collecting Npower device in Rivers, we ask that you be orderly, don’t rush. It is NOT a first come, first serve basis. Each Npower device has been marked with your name. NO ONE can give your device to anyone else.

10. We understand some scrupulous elements have been demanding money from you to get into the venue. DO NOT PAY ANYONE.

Take a photo, record a video and post it here, it will be addressed immediately.

11. Shipping has begun to 7 other states asides from Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. The states will be announced once the logistics have been fully addressed.

12. Please understand that this is a process. Everyone will get their Npower device. Be patient.

All parties are working assiduously to ensure that the devices get into your hands in the shortest time possible.

Remember this Device Delivery Update is for those who selected devices before March 27th, 2017.

During the course of collecting your NPower Devices, do NOT pay ANYONE one Naira for anything, whether to get into the distribution Center or at the MTN Office or anywhere or for anything.

No one is to charge you for anything.

Where someone charges you, take a picture and report them immediately.

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