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BVN Validation

The below is from the transcribed Live Chat with Npower Nigeria ‘s Afolabi Imoukhuede  about BVN Validation

That’s really what we want, that’s the N-Power experience , and so the next step is going to be BVN validation once your details are valid , you would then get an SMS and an invitation to go and write your test ,now let me say that yes we did put out a test guide , please don’t hold us to that test guide anymore for now ,we are focused on scaling up our BVN validation because the applications that have come in are huge , significantly huge numbers compared to what we had last year , so we decided to focus our effort on scaling up the BVN Validation such that whence we commence the testing process again it would now be without a break , so therefore , the point is yes, some of us are still writing tests, we did not stop the test entirely ,but we slowed down on the guide so it’s right to say that the guide is somewhat stepped down, but from Monday expect a revised guide, as we would be ramping up on the speed for the tests. Now, ”How do I know if I’m among the people that failed validation” , you will also get a text message . so what it means therefore is from stage 1 is application process which a lot of you have done to stage 3 which is testing process ,the stage 2 there , you would get an SMS . the proof of stage 2 which is BVN Validation is an SMS , you either get an SMS to say “Congratulations , go and write your test….” Or “Congratulations, we wish you success in your future endeavor because your application journey has been terminated here due to non matching records “

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  1. My BVN is invalid till now,please what should I do? Should I keep on trying? Please I need your response.

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