Timetable Timetable Open University Time Table Timetable (National Open University) 2017

Below is the National Open University Timetable for 2017. You can also download the Timetable after the table below:

Day Date 8am 11am 2pm
1 21 June 2017 MBF841 Emerging Technologies In Information Technology
MTH341 Real Analysis II ECO355 Introduction To Econometrics MGS821 Personnel Staff Evaluation
AEM713 Tree Crop Production LAW446 Law Of Evidence II CIT345 Introduction To Computer Design EDA856 Problems And Issues In Higher Education MAC316 Mass Comm. & National Development AEM772 Research Methods And Statistics
ACC415 Financial Management MAC427 Economics & Social Issues In Advert & Pr EDA854 Legal Aspects Of Educational Administration
MGS732 Business Finance INR322 Strategic Studies In The 20th Century BFN304 Financial Systems
LED759 Legislative Structure CIT843 Introduction To Database Management Systems MGS737 Micro And Small Business Financing
FRE482 20th Century French Literature ESM423 Hydrology And Water Resources LED711 Public International Law I
POL441 Development Administration PSM831 Materials Management POL431 Third World Dependency & Development
EHS315 International Health Services CSS455 Forensic Science FRE382 French Literature In The 18th Century
EDU752 Chemistry Methods EDU323 Basic Research Methods In Education EDU724 Guidance And Counselling
CIT722 Computer Networks PHS421 Research Methods In Public Health CIT755 Wireless Communication I
CHM303 Inorganic Chemistry Iii EDU815 Instructional Techniques & Methods in Sch Maths Curriculum CHM415 Industrial Chemical Technology Ii
BUS801 Operations Management EDU720 English Methods BUS835 International Business Management
MPA853 International Administration EDU766 Political Science Methods MPA841 Nigerian Government And Politics
AFM305 Liomnology HCM305 Tourism Sales and Marketing EDU756 Physics Methods
LAW244 Constitutional Law II CSS751 Intro. To Criminology and Criminological Theories PSM805 Economic Development In Nigeria
MTH312 Groups and Rings
EGC801 Principles Of Guidance And Counselling EGC803 Developmental Psychology Timetable
2 22 June 2017 MTH381 Mathematical Methods Iii CIT322 Introduction To Internet Programming EDU423 Measurement And Evaluation
MBF833 Money And Banking MBA859 Database Management Application System MBA833 Industrial Relations
AEM736 Extension Organization And Management MTH402 General Topology Ii CIT462 Web Server Technology
EDA851 Principles Of Institutional Administration In AEM751 Micro Economics AEM719 Extension Method And Communication
BUS428 Business Policy And Strategy Ii EDA825 Managerial Psychology MAC331 Advertising Campaign Planning & Execution
MGS730 Fundamentals Of Marketing ACC320 Economics & Business Environment ENT417 Production Management I
LED700 Research Methodology In Legislative Drafting MGS714 Principles Of Management MGS731 Research Methodology
FRE421 Advanced Studies In French Language Structure LED753 Drafting Process LED757 Legislative Style, Syntax & Expression POL341 Public Administration In Nigeria FRE322 Advanced Studies In French Language 11 POL411 Political Psychology
PHS401 Community Reproductive And Adolescent Heal POL316 Political Evaluation PHS303 Introduction To Clinical Laboratory Technique
EDU723 Basic Research Method In Education PHS426 Essential Drugs And Public He EDU733 General Teaching Methods
CIT756 Operations Research AFM310 Fisheries Environmental Impact Assessment CIT771 Computer Graphics And Animation
CHM413 Analytical Chemistry Ii CIT753 Introduction To Internet CHM318 Natural Product Chemistry I JLS711 Introduction to Journalism CHM304 Colour Chemistry And Technology BUS818 Business Ethics And Corporative Governance
MPA858 Public Financial Management BUS849 Strategic Management MPA868 Comparative Public Administration
CSS381 Domestic Violence MPA810 Public Policy Analysis CSS441 Technical/electronics Aspects Of Security MPA823 Project Management LAW341 Criminal Law 1 PSM802 Reforms Of The Public Service
EGC812 Behaviour Modification EGC805 Vocational Guidance EGC809 Psychological Testing
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