Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview

Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017
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Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview – Cross River

Below is the Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview from Cross River State:

1 NNR27/2017/CRO/4641/0132309 ABANG AGATHA ONENU Store Assistant
2 NNR27/2017/CRO/2118/0064658 ADAH MATHEW UKEH Store Assistant
3 NNR27/2017/CRO/3017/0089443 ADINYE EVERESTUS OGEH Seaman
4 NNR27/2017/CRO/6376/0178846 AGIDA EDWIN ASHIBEL Writers
6 NNR27/2017/CRO/3196/0093612 AJU DAVID ABANG Store Assistant
7 NNR27/2017/CRO/3516/0100804 AKPANKE DANIEL Computer
8 NNR27/2017/CRO/7740/0218638 AKPO PROMISE ASHI Store Assistant
9 NNR27/2017/CRO/4119/0118835 AMBO OKU EDET Physical Training Instructor
10 NNR27/2017/CRO/7496/0210508 ANDONG VICTOR ANDONG Communication

Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview


11 NNR27/2017/CRO/1930/0060261 ARIKPO JOHN IBIANG Seaman
12 NNR27/2017/CRO/5843/0165221 ARIKPO UBI ETENG Writers
13 NNR27/2017/CRO/646/0023672 ASHIBEL BLESSING Seaman
14 NNR27/2017/CRO/6344/0178170 ASUQUO JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER Chaplain Assistants
15 NNR27/2017/CRO/3175/0093182ASUQUOR STEVEN BASSEY Drivers/Mechanics
16 NNR27/2017/CRO/3580/0102213Awhen Emmanuel Ategwu Firemen
17 NNR27/2017/CRO/3311/0096239 AYANG CHRISTOPHER AWODUA Writers
18 NNR27/2017/CRO/527/0020722 BASSEY BASSEY OKON Automobile Mechanics
19 NNR27/2017/CRO/6247/0175972 BASSEY DANIEL EDET Marine Engineer Mechanics
20 NNR27/2017/CRO/5944/0167910 BISONG CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH Ordinance
21 NNR27/2017/CRO/6865/0190714Bukie Michael Bushwane ICT

Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview

22 NNR27/2017/CRO/1051/0034583 BUTUM OKOI UBI Physiotherapist, Public Health, Occupational Therapist, Dental Therapist and Dental Lab Assistants
23 NNR27/2017/CRO/3566/0101935EBA LOVEDAY OFFOM Writers
24 NNR27/2017/CRO/1582/0049281 EBRIBA OKAMA BASSEY Education
25 NNR27/2017/CRO/2635/0078366 EDEM MATTHEW AGBOR OKON Automobile Mechanics
26 NNR27/2017/CRO/400/0015732 EFFIMI JOY BASSEY ICT
27 NNR27/2017/CRO/897/0031050 EFFIOM BASSEY BASSEY Store Assistant
28 NNR27/2017/CRO/2343/0070851 EFFIONG ETIM BASSEY Seaman
29 NNR27/2017/CRO/1784/0054534EFOLI FRIDAY OFEM ICT
30 NNR27/2017/CRO/1053/0034699EFOLI THANK-GOD ESSIEN Seaman

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Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview

31 NNR27/2017/CRO/4806/0136603 EJAH VICTOR EMEKA Seaman
32 NNR27/2017/CRO/4476/0127819 EKENG EKENG ENE Marine Engineering Artificer
33 NNR27/2017/CRO/6883/0191325 EKPENYONG WILLIAMS WILLIAMS Writers
34 NNR27/2017/CRO/6734/0187304Ellah Christopher Awup Marine Engineer Mechanics
35 NNR27/2017/CRO/6024/0169766 EMANGHA AYANG NTANG Seaman
36 NNR27/2017/CRO/4257/0122387Eneji Gideon Uke Education
37 NNR27/2017/CRO/2268/0069124 ESSIEN MAURICE ETIM Firemen
38 NNR27/2017/CRO/6875/0191030 ETIM VICTOR CHARLES Medical Assistant
39 NNR27/2017/CRO/104/0003250 ETOJI DANIEL TATEY Weapon Electrical Artificer
40 NNR27/2017/CRO/1967/0061266 EYA STEPHEN AGBOR Nurses
41 NNR27/2017/CRO/1063/0034891 EYO MARK AUGUSTINE Seaman
42 NNR27/2017/CRO/2099/0064347 EYONG SAMUEL STEPHEN Seaman

Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview
43 NNR27/2017/CRO/4079/0118112FRANCIS ABIGAIL HODOH Physical Training Instructor
44 NNR27/2017/CRO/5897/0166793Higba Jacob Akebekang Caterers.
45 NNR27/2017/CRO/3963/0115462 IBE GODSDAY UKAM Seaman
46 NNR27/2017/CRO/3352/0097367 IBIANG WOKEYIM ARIKPO ICT
47 NNR27/2017/CRO/1799/0055712 IBUN ERNEST E Seaman
48 NNR27/2017/CRO/4307/0123805IDAGU MICHAEL WOHUOWO Firemen
49 NNR27/2017/CRO/5866/0165957 IGBE VICTORIA ECHAKA Communication
50 NNR27/2017/CRO/1857/0058329 IGBOR ONETE OBIN Computer
51 NNR27/2017/CRO/5405/0151932 IGWE JOSEPHINE EKWOK Store Assistant
52 NNR27/2017/CRO/758/0026699 INAH DANIEL OKAH Firemen
53 NNR27/2017/CRO/3324/0096865 INAKU JOSHUA DAN Seaman
54 NNR27/2017/CRO/7675/0217059 IWARA IWARA OKA Physiotherapist, Public Health, Occupational Therapist, Dental Therapist and Dental Lab Assistants

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Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview
55 NNR27/2017/CRO/2806/0083325JOHN AMOIKWEN ANIMPUYE Drivers/Mechanics
56 NNR27/2017/CRO/1614/0050052 LEKAM KINGSLEY UBI Seaman
57 NNR27/2017/CRO/1011/0033413 LEKPA GRACE AGBO Physical Training Instructor
58 NNR27/2017/CRO/1528/0048021 NDEM DANIEL ITA Store Assistant
59 NNR27/2017/CRO/220/0010310 Obeten Daniel Obeten Seaman
60 NNR27/2017/CRO/567/0021796 OBI FRIDAY IDAJOR Seaman
61 NNR27/2017/CRO/2649/0079095 OCHIM GIFT DENIS Writers
62 NNR27/2017/CRO/2832/0083784OCHUI JANET Store Assistant
63 NNR27/2017/CRO/6117/0172023ODEY AUGUSTINE ODEY Ordinance
64 NNR27/2017/CRO/4744/0134674 ODEY EVELYN ELEH Journalist
65 NNR27/2017/CRO/1201/0038884ODEY FRANCIS IYE Nurses

Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview
66 NNR27/2017/CRO/8/0000269 Odey Julia Onwaku Caterers.
67 NNR27/2017/CRO/32/0000854 ODIDI FERDINAND AFEN Store Assistant
68 NNR27/2017/CRO/1892/0059103ODIKE MOSES JONES Weapon Electrical Mechanics
69 NNR27/2017/CRO/3881/0113206 OFEM GOODLUCK UGURU Chaplain Assistants
70 NNR27/2017/CRO/105/0003265 OFRE EMMANUEL OFRE Computer
71 NNR27/2017/CRO/1237/0039704 OGAR GEORGINA ALORYE Seaman
72 NNR27/2017/CRO/5026/0141825 OGAR JOSEPH ODEY Seaman
73 NNR27/2017/CRO/310/0012688 OGAR GODWIN ODEY Firemen
74 NNR27/2017/CRO/3406/0098597 OGAR PATRICK AWE Seaman
75 NNR27/2017/CRO/4959/0139939 OGBAJI ANTHONY LOUIS Physical Training Instructor
76 NNR27/2017/CRO/5388/0151565 OGBANG BENJAMIN AGBO Drivers/Mechanics
77 NNR27/2017/CRO/407/0015928 OGBOLE AMBROSE AMBROSE Seaman
78 NNR27/2017/CRO/4608/0131493 OGBOR FIDELIS OGAR Seaman
79 NNR27/2017/CRO/829/0028365 OGBOR JOSEPH USHIE Seaman
80 NNR27/2017/CRO/2389/0072053Oju Clement Anthony Store Assistant
81 NNR27/2017/CRO/272/0011786 Oken Ekpo Irom Seaman

Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview
82 NNR27/2017/CRO/3143/0092547Oko Godwin Abraham Computer
83 NNR27/2017/CRO/2494/0074452OKO JOY IRINEN Store Assistant
84 NNR27/2017/CRO/3928/0114457 OKO PETER Firemen
85 NNR27/2017/CRO/4161/0119791 OKOI GENESIS MICHEAL Seaman
86 NNR27/2017/CRO/3079/0090879 OKOI PETER EMMANUEL Firemen
87 NNR27/2017/CRO/2135/0065169Okon Joel Edet Marine Engineer Mechanics
88 NNR27/2017/CRO/6025/0169777 OKON OKANG EDET Education
89 NNR27/2017/CRO/4689/0133259 OKORI MIRACLE UGBANA Medical Assistant
90 NNR27/2017/CRO/1943/0060601Omang Blessing Baron Caterers.
91 NNR27/2017/CRO/5643/0160487Onyung Maria Education
92 NNR27/2017/CRO/1396/0043900 OSANG MARK OTONKO Seaman
93 NNR27/2017/CRO/1863/0058451Osha Pius Seaman
94 NNR27/2017/CRO/5450/0152962 OSIRIBO MOSES EBAJI Seaman
95 NNR27/2017/CRO/261/0011564 OTI FRANCIS OMOPI Seaman

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Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview
97 NNR27/2017/CRO/3653/0104837Otu Offor Ibor Store Assistant
98 NNR27/2017/CRO/3095/0091300 OTU YUDALA JOHN Writers
99 NNR27/2017/CRO/5092/0143760 ROBERT HAPINNESS SAMUEL Store Assistant
100 NNR27/2017/CRO/2332/0070542 SUNDAY PROSPER OWOWIYA Medical Assistant
101 NNR27/2017/CRO/2750/0081932 UBI ALFRED UKET ICT
102 NNR27/2017/CRO/1134/0037169 UBI EUCHARIA ENANG Writers
103 NNR27/2017/CRO/6008/0169241UDIDA JULIUS ANDOR Seaman
104 NNR27/2017/CRO/5482/0154853 UGUMANIM IKERE AYA ICT
105 NNR27/2017/CRO/1054/0034710 UJONG EVANS EVANS EFOLI Seaman
106 NNR27/2017/CRO/5933/0167618 UKEM JOHN UKEM Project Technician
107 NNR27/2017/CRO/5672/0160945 UKEMATING PETER ATSU Writers
108 NNR27/2017/CRO/7364/0203860ULUMA GODSWILL EKO Seaman
109 NNR27/2017/CRO/1639/0050667UNIMKE JOSEPHINE Caterers.
110 NNR27/2017/CRO/478/0018098 USANG EMMANUEL ONUN Firemen
111 NNR27/2017/CRO/2406/0072366USHIE BLESSING USHANG Medical Assistant
112 NNR27/2017/CRO/741/0026280 USHIE GODWIN SUNDAY Firemen
113 NNR27/2017/CRO/3675/0105389 USHIE HILARRY ICT

Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates 2017 Interview
114 NNR27/2017/CRO/7407/0206896 UTABU MARY USHAKEN Computer
115 NNR27/2017/CRO/2756/0082112YAKUBU GOWON BRKS Seaman

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