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National Teachers Institute: Admission Form & News

National Teachers Institute: Quality Teachers, Great Nation

The National Teachers Institute, established in 1976 and located in Kaduna, is an Educational Institution which looks to professionalise teaching in Nigeria, ensure that there is no shortage of qualified teachers, retrain already qualified teachers at minimal cost to all parties. The NTI offers NCE, Post Graduate Degree in Education, Advanced Diploma in Education, Continuing Professional Development (CPD),Pivotal Teacher Training Programme and Bachelor Degree Programme.

The official portal of the NTI is

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The Student Portal is the home for all distance learning National Teachers Institute students where they are able to plan, attend and track their education activity for both live as well as self-paced classes. With one-click, students are able to access tools, calendars and support resources. Improved survey and assessment capability provide both students and their instructors with a clear picture of progress throughout their educational journey.

The student portal is built with state of the art technologies and a clean mobile friendly user interface. The site had been released in various internal and pilot stages throughout the last quarter of 2016 and is targeted for global launch in the first quarter of 2017. For information about the new NTI Student portal or to register for a programme, please visit:

National Teachers Institute Admission Form

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NTI offers admission into the following programmes:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education (BA/B.SC)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  • Advanced Diploma in Education (ADE)
  • Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE)
  • Pivotal Teachers’ Training Programme (PTTP)

Application Costs:

  • BA/BSc/BEd N10,000
  • PGDE – N2,350
  • NCE – N2,350

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National Teachers Institute: Extension Of Registration For The 2016/2017 Academic Session

This is to inform the general public that 2017 Admission and Registration into all programmes and courses of the National Teachers Institute (NTI) is still open until June 30th 2017. You can apply and register for NCE, ADE, Bachelors Degree and PGDE through the new Portal of the Institute at The general public is invited to note that all courses of the Institute are duly approved by the relevant regulatory bodies. Kindly use the unique opportunity of this extension to apply for the courses of your choice and register before June 30th deadline. RRR for payments should only be generated via the National Teachers Institute and then you can make payments through any bank of your choice or online.

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National Teachers Institute Student Manuals

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Click the Download link below to FInd the PDF version of the National Teachers Institute student manuals per course. For the Full list of courses and manuals click here

History Of Education MOD-1 Education In The Classical Era Download
History Of Education MOD-2 Great Athenian Educators:- Socrates, Plato And Aristotle Download
History Of Education MOD-3 The Nature, Scope And Processes Of Traditional Education In Nigeria Download
Developmental Psychology Download
Principles Of Curriculum Design And Development Download
Measurement And Evaluation In Education Download
Psychology Of Education MOD-1 The Meaning Of Educational Psychology Download
Psychology Of Education MOD-2 Meaning And Characteristics Of Learning Download
Philosophy Of Education Download
Sociology Of Education Download
Teaching Practice Manual Download
Methods Of Teaching – English Language Download
Methods Of Teaching – Mathematics Download
Methods Of Teaching – Integrated Science MOD-1 Download
Methods Of Teaching – Integrated Science MOD-2 Download
Methods Of Teaching – Social Studies MOD-1 Download
Methods Of Teaching – Social Studies MOD-2 Download
Methods Of Teaching – Social Studies MOD-3 Download
Methods Of Teaching – Social Studies MOD-4 Download
Introduction To Educational Management And Planning MOD-1 Download
Introduction To Educational Management And Planning MOD-2 Download
Guidance And Counseling MOD-1 Download
Guidance And Counseling MOD-2 Download
Guidance And Counseling MOD-3 Download
Educational Supervision And School Inspection Download

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