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National Open University of Nigeria TMA (Tutor Marked Assignments)

This is to inform all NOUN students that the Directorate of Management and Information System (DMIS) NOUN has scheduled days for submission of National Open University of Nigeria TMA for each faculty as follows:

Day Faculty
1 Monday Management Sciences, Access and General Studies, Center for Life-Long Learning and Workplace Training
2 Tuesday Sciences, Health Sciences
3 Wednesday Social Sciences, Agricultural Sciences
4 Thursday Arts, Education, Law
5 Friday Education, Management Sciences, Health Sciences
6 Saturday Sciences,Law,Agricultural Sciences
7 Sunday Social Sciences,Arts
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This means that access to the National Open University of Nigeria TMA portal would be available to students of particular faculty on the allocated day.

NOTE: This is to bring to the attention of all Centre Directors and students that the Students Management and National Open University of Nigeria TMA Portal (Studware) and  is currently undergoing maintenance.  In view of this, all portal activities (application, registration and National Open University of Nigeria TMA) are temporarily unavailable.  The management kindly requests that students exercise patience during this period as efforts are being made to complete maintenance within the shortest possible time

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NOUN TMA Portal (National Open University of Nigeria TMA)

How to Log in to Submit National Open University of Nigeria TMA (Tutor Marked Assignments)

  • Visit the NOUN Student portal at
  • Input your Matric Number and Password
  • Select the appropriate semester and Log in
  • When logged in, select ‘Tutor Marked Assignments’. Here, you are able to view all courses that have the TMAs available. Check back at a later time if a course does not have TMA available.
  • If not automatically logged in, log into the NOUN TMA Portal
  • If available, select the TMA on the NOUM TMA Portal to view the questions set. These are usually Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • You do not have to submit the questions at the time you open it. You can print the questions from the NOUN TMA Portal to study properly, return to answer them online.
  • NOTE: The questions on the TMA Portal are One Attempt Only. Once submitted, it cannot be retaken. So ensure that you submit in time.
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