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Lesson Plan: Primary 1 Numeracy Week 1 (Download)

Lesson Plan: Primary 1 Numeracy Week 1 (Mathematics Lesson Plan)

The lesson plan uses a large variety of activities. If followed carefully, they will keep the pupils interested, motivated and will support effective learning in a structured way. These methods in this lesson plan are designed to involve pupils in their learning and give them the opportunity to learn from each other.

Learn all your pupils’ names and use them frequently. Find out about your pupils’ lives and interests by listening to them and asking questions. Greet them individually in the mornings and encourage them to greet and talk to each other. Tell them about yourself and your family. Pupils love finding out that teachers are ‘human’ too! Notice when pupils are unhappy and make an extra effort to be friendly to them. Smile and make learning fun for the pupils. Praise and encourage pupils for effort and achievement, instead of punishing them for ‘laziness’ or getting things wrong. Shouting and treating your pupils harshly, or beating them, will affect them emotionally and make them unable to learn.

Arrange the seating in different ways. Look at the photographs in some of the lesson plans to help you think of different ways of working. U-shaped formations mean all the pupils can see each other and there is a space in the middle for activities. Pushing tables together means that four or six pupils can sit together. If there is no space in your classroom, take the pupils outside to play circle games or do activities.

Displaying pupils’ work is motivating and helps them to remember things they have learned. The activities in these lesson plans encourage you to display pupils’ work in different ways. At the start of each week display
the key words.

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There are lots of suggestions in this lesson plan for making low- and no-cost teaching aids and lesson plan. Making these may take some time, but they can be used more than once and can last a long time if they are made carefully.

Thanks to the Lagos State Government, ESSPIN, DFID and Oando Foundation through DEEPEN-Nigeria

Download the Numeracy/Mathematics Primary 1 Lesson Plan for Week 1 HERE

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