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Teacher.com.ng is proud to provide teachers with the opportunity to find free and paid teacher training and hot jobs in Nigeria. Every person out there is looking for a fulfilling career. A career that could handle all their financial needs and offer a workplace that you have always dreamt of.  A career which provides opportunities for perpetual growth and development where the need to think about “job change” does not arise. It feels like a dream job, does it not?

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At Teacher.com.ng, we try our level best to bridge the distance between you and your dream job.  We bring to you job openings where you find your skills to be properly utilized.

Highly qualified teachers in Nigeria can find job openings in the top schools near them. We understand while opting for a product or service, a person always want the best for themselves. We are committed to our people and we have established our core values, rules and policies by keeping the consumer at the center.

How is Teacher.com.ng the best teacher job board and recruitment service provider in Nigeria?

  • We offer genuine listings

You will never find a fake job at our portal. We make sure that each job that gets posted is genuine and offers information about the job as much as possible.

  • We bring to you the latest openings regularly

Many times it happens that the job postings that you find on portals have been expired (fulfilled by some other candidate). We are always all hands on in bringing to you the latest openings. No worries if an opening has expired, we will bring to you the new ones as soon as they are out.

  • We have an interactive portal with the best, hot jobs in Nigeria
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The user retention on our portal is the best as compared to other online job portals. We have a high-speed performing and user-interactive website that is easy to use. You can use our school finder feature to find different job openings in schools near your location.

  • Major Schools post with us

We are connected with some of the top schools in Nigeria. They trust us and opt for our portal for posting jobs. You can find teacher jobs, administrative jobs, Ngo jobs in Nigeria and more.

  • We are your best information source for Nigeria hotjobs, news and training.

We believe in keeping our users informed about the latest news and development that may help them in one way or the other. You can always find information on JAMB brochure, Npower recruitment in Nigeria, news from top schools, advances in the education system and much more.

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