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GST 107 – Good Study Guide

GST 107 (The Good Study Guide) is an Access and General Studies course at the National Open University of Nigeria NOUN. It is a 100 level, 2 Credit Unit course that all students take. It aims to provide advice, tips and practical exercises to help you develop your study skills and get the most you can from your studies. GST 107 is complusory for all students and looks to help students achieve better results, a greater sense of personal achievement and more enjoyment. The Good Study guide was written by Andrew Northedge

Download the Good Study Guide HERE

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The GST 107 course highlights that the learning and improvement process never ends. When you think you have your note-taking technique honed to a smoothly functioning routine, you find it has become too mechanical – you take too many notes, or the wrong notes; or you encounter a book that defeats your routine. Or you begin to think that you’ve cracked it with writing, but you come to an essay that somehow won’t come right, or a tutor who criticises the very things you thought you were good at. At times like these, when your studies knock you back, you’ll find it useful to return to the GST 107 book and revisit basic principles.

GST 107 is often looked as a course, but actually is meant to be a guide for students with a serious interest in long term development of their learning and study skills. It is not a source of quick fixes and instant remedies. It assumes a willingness to invest time in working on exercises and reflecting on them.

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GST 107 – The Good Study Guide Chapters

Chapter 1 Investing in yourself

Chapter 2 Taking control of your studies

Chapter 3 Using a computer to study

Chapter 4 Understanding how you learn

Chapter 5 Reading

Chapter 6 Making notes

Chapter 7 Learning through talk

Chapter 8 Working with numbers and charts

Chapter 9 Researching online

Chapter 10 Writing the way ’they’ want

Chapter 11 Managing the writing process

Chapter 12 Preparing for examinations

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