Imo State University Courses

Imo State University Courses: Official Full List (UPDATED)

Imo State University Courses: Official Full List

Full comprehensive list of Imo State University Courses categorised by faculty and department. The IMSU Courses List is publicly available and for informational purposes. Imo State University was established in 1981 by act of the State’s Assembly. This Imo State University courses list has eleven faculties and 63 departments listed alphabetically. Here you can view your desired course of study and the corresponding admission requirements to guide your decisions in applying to any of the Imo State University Courses. Connect wit IMSU via their website

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Imo State University Courses

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Imo State University courses at Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

The Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine encompasses agricultural production and other allied products and services that the rural sector provides. Imo State University courses offered by this faculty are:

Agricultural Economics, Extension & Rural Development

Animal Science and Fisheries

Crop Science And Biotechnology

Soil Science and Environment

IMSU Business Administration

In a world of business and commerce, the faculty of business administration stands out as one of the leading faculties in terms of population and resources in Imo State, University. Imo State University courses offered by this faculty are:

Hospitality and Tourism Management
Banking and Finance
Insurance and Actuarial Science

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Imo State University courses at Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education is a place for educational research and research-informed teaching and impacting current teaching methods in Imo State University.

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Arts Education
Physical Science Education
Life Science Education
Language Education
Social Science Education
Library and information Science
Foundation and Counseling

IMSU Faculty of Engineering

We have a wide range of resources and  engineering heritage and currently we offer a wide variety of engineering courses spread across five departments that will empower you to face the future with a class.

Agricultural Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Food Science & Technology
Mechanical Engineering

imsu courses

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Imo State University courses at Faculty of Environmental Science

Welcome to the Faculty of Environmental Science – affectionately known as FES.

Surveying  & GeoInformatics
Urban and Regional Planning
Quantity  Surveying
Fine & Applied Arts
Estate Management

IMSU Faculty of Health Science

At Imo State University we offer you the opportunity to achieve the dream of becoming a health care professional.

Medical Laboratory Science
Nursing Science
Nutrition and Dietetics

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Imo State University courses at Faculty of Humanities

Studying for a degree in one of our disciplines offers students new insights into humanity

Religious Studies
History and International Studies
Theatre arts
Linguistics and Igbo
English language and Literary Studies

imo state university courses list

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Medicine and Surgery

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery incorporates:




Clinical Pharmacology

IMSU Faculty of Sciences

Animal Science and Environmental Biology
Plant Science and Biotechnology
Physics/ Industrial Physics
Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry
Microbiology/Industrial Microbiology
Computer Science

IMSU Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences comprises six departments, which offer undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs in the university. Imo State University courses offered by this faculty are:

Geography & Environmental Management
Political Science
Mass Communication

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